Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hill's ideal balance Dog Food

So my pup has been enjoying this food from Hill's called ideal balance for over a week now.  Hill's is a premium dog food brand, so I was excited to test out this food with him.  Despite his size, my pup Bronco is picky about what he eats.  His previous dog food was not his favorite, and he picked at it to avoid starvation I suppose, losing several pounds over the month that he ate it.

When I introduced ideal balance food and treats to him, he ate like it was a holiday.  This obviously tastes good to dogs.  I like the list of ingredients.  We don't need to fatten our animals up on grains.  I like the real meat and veggies that are included in this nutritionally balanced food.

Bravo Hill's -- this is a dog food we are both excited about!

Here is a lovely picture of my 4-year old feeding Bronco the new ideal balance treats.  Notice her black eye.  I suppose I am out of the running for Mom-of-the-Year.  Really though, she fell off her scooter.  My kids are accident prone...