Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Fast Metabolism Diet

I have been a subscriber to various Craveboxes over the past year.  It is a fun program where you are sent a box for a small fee.  You know the theme of the box, but have little idea of exactly what is inside.  Last week I received a Bikini Ready Cravebox.  Inside where different goodies including a Zone Bar, a gift membership to GymPact, wax strips, lotions and oils, and a copy of this hard copy - just released book by Haylie Pomroy.  I actually watched the author on Dr. Oz last month as she explained the theory for her book.  Ms. Pomroy is well educated in nutrition and believes that the simple idea of calories in and calories out is the wrong way to manage weight.

This book is designed to lead the reader through 28 days of food that will reset the metabolism, allowing the dieter to ignite his or her fat-burning metabolism.  Critics warn that the food offered in the book is very low - calorie, and practically void of fat.  I know anyone trying to lose weight on a low-calorie and no fat diet is going to be extremely hungry.  However, I want to decide on my own.  If the food is healthy and the diet makes sense, why not give it a try?

I will admit, I am not going to start on this diet right away.  I have a vacation planned next week, and dieting is supposed to be accomplished prior to that vacation!  I guess I will see if the book and diet do well to get me back on track when I return home.

If you are interested in Cravebox, I would recommend it!  I think it is a fun way to send yourself or someone you love a fun surprise.  The cost for the boxes changes, but I love the option of signing up for only the boxes you are interested in.  Boxes can be food related, for those with kids or pets, and even boxes for cleaning.  Costs are usually $12-$16 per box and you can save a few bucks if you want to put your name in a lottery to possibly receive a box.  Do me a favor and list me as a referral if you do sign up for a box as it allows me to get a free referral box.  Thanks!

I will let you know what I think of this book in a little over a month.  Until then, I am off for a vacay!  Thanks for reading.

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