Thursday, January 12, 2012

Online Communities

It seems these are popping up everywhere.  I keep applying for them, and most don't get back to me.  This week I was invited to a community about online banking.  I am involved in this one for 2 weeks, and I look forward to learning about what my mystery bank company is hoping to unveil.

During the months of November and December, I was involved in a focus group for McDonalds with my 9 year-old son.  I was amazed at how this mega huge company cared about what we thought about the new Happy Meal.  I loved being involved in giving my thoughts, and Daniel loved our field trips to McDonalds!  In the end, they paid us $225 for 9 weeks of being on the panel, and I gained a whole new appreciation for this company.  I really look forward to seeing what other foods they decide to offer for our kids.

Last week I applied to be on a panel for Huggies Pull-Ups and potty training.  I have a 20-month old girl who is fascinated with the process.  It also helps that she is going through a naked phase right now.  She doesn't like wearing clothes, and has a great time removing them.  She actually sat on her potty chair last weekend and managed to stand up just as she was getting to the big event.  I think we are a perfect match for this study, and I am anxious to get the invitation in my inbox.

I have been in a Kleenex group for almost a year now.  The company is developing face wipes, and I loved testing them out for them.  I am really excited about these coming to market.  All-in-all I love online communities, and hope to get involved in more of them as the year goes on.  They are a great way to learn about new products, and I like helping companies create products that I want.  It is a win-win for all of us.

I will keep waiting for the Huggies people to get back to me.  If they don't there is always that vitamin group I applied to, or how about the energy drink panel I signed up for.  Keep your fingers crossed!

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