Monday, January 23, 2012

Paying to sample

Hey there - I'm back at it.  In case you were wondering, yes we did get into the potty-training community.  So far it looks pretty interesting.  I look forward to helping them out with product ideas.  My little girl may however be the easiest one of my three to potty train.  No I am not complaining, but I don't want to graduate out of this community too quickly.

My big topic of this post is Cravebox.  Perhaps you have heard of them.  This is a new program that started up in December. Its members buy a box of goodies for $10 a month.  I was invited to participate in the program during its first month, but chose to hold off the first month.  I am not much of an impulse shopper, and this seemed to be an impulse purchase decision.  Of course the boxes sold out, and people have been raving about them ever since.

From what I understand, you purchase a box of good stuff - not samples, but full size products.  The value of the box exceeds the $10 purchase price by several times.  You don't know what you are getting, but it arrives monthly at your doorstep - a monthly gift in a different form!  The catch - they want to know what you think of the products.  Easy, right?

I tried hard this month to get on the list for the box, but of course they sold out again.  Now I want one even more.  Why is it that something that is hard to get suddenly has more value?  Back to my college economics classes I guess.  I must say that I wrote an email to the Cravebox people, and they actually wrote me back - twice.  No box for me, so I will try again next month.  I think this is a sample box that will be worth spending a little money on.  I look forward to becoming one of the lucky ones.

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