Monday, December 3, 2012

My Dog and Eukanuba


I am in my new town and my new home.  It is time to get to blogging again.  I have missed it and every day that goes by I think how I need to get back to this site again.  I am far behind on sharing my love for the products I get to test.  This is one I just couldn't let go by!

I received dog food from Eukanuba as a Bzz Agent.  They sent me a coupon for a free mid-size bag and $5.00 off a full size.  I cashed in both coupons and am prepared to tell you what I think.  In fact, I am super excited about this task!  First a little background.

When I got married 16 years ago, my hubby and I adopted a dog.  He came from the local pound and he was with us through moves, children, and all the changes that come with life.  We lost him only 2 weeks ago. I have such good memories of him.  There are also many things I learned.  He had terrible teeth and starting at the age of 10, we had to get his teeth cleaned by the vet on a yearly basis.  That was a $300 bill per year that we had to pay because we didn't take care of his teeth.

A few years ago we brought home a companion for our old-timer.  This new spry pup is a great addition to our family.  I plan on doing things different with him.  For one, we are feeding him higher-quality food.  Secondly, I want to make sure his teeth are well taken care of.  Because of this, I am totally excited to see what he thinks of the Eukanuba food with 3-D Dental Defense.  It encompasses both goals in one nutrition powerhouse.

Eukanuba is not only perfect nutrition for my dog, but it provides something that we have not seen before - a formula that protects teeth.  So far, he loves the taste, and I am excited to report I can already see a  difference in his mouth.  Since he is young, he has little dental issues, but I intend to keep it that way!  For that reason, I think Eukanuba food could be a great fit for our family.  I will keep you posted.  I also look forward to sharing this with friends and family of dogs that are a bit older.  I think it could save some vet bills!  Check out this handsome guy!

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