Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Wet Ones Sticky Situations Facebook Contest

I don't know about you, but Wet Ones remind me of my childhood.  It seems my mom always had a tub of them available to wipe down my hands and face whenever I made a mess of myself.  I naturally use Wet Ones with my own family.  When preparing for camping season every year, a tub of Wet Ones is purchased.  I buy them to keep in the camper to clean messy hands after digging for bugs in the dirt and clean-up after eating s'mores.  They do an amazing job of removing things like tree sap and dirt, not to mention GERMS!

I buy the single-use wipes to keep in my car.  I can't resist getting ice cream for my kids on hot summer days, but eating ice cream cones in the car creates sticky fingers.  My Wet Ones supply has come in handy on many occasions during our family outings.  Unlike basic wipes, Wet Ones kill 99.99% of germs so hands can be cleaned with comfort, knowing germs will not remain.  

Wet Ones is having a contest through the end of the month.  They are looking for your sticky situations. I had a lot of fun remembering all of our sticky situations, and narrowed down the best one to enter in this contest.  It is easy to enter, just click: Wet Ones Sticky Situations Contest

One of my favorite sticky situations happened when I had a few minutes of peace.  You know those times when you get busy doing something and then realize that you haven't heard anything from your normally loud toddler for a while?  You immediately know she is up to no good.  My little girl didn't fail on this occasion.

Yes - what you are seeing here is my mascara, my adorable little girl, and her once clean baby-doll.  Lucky for me she didn't attempt to put the mascara directly on her eyelashes, and apparently she couldn't quite get the mascara on her doll correctly either.  A Wet One did a great job of cleaning her up, and luckily it worked on her doll too!  

Wet Ones has launched a Sticky Situations Facebook contest asking Moms to share their best helpful and creative tips on how to get out of a ‘sticky situation.'  I entered this picture in the contest, and I am sure you have a favorite picture to enter in the contest as well!  Simply log on and share your story and tips, and you can be entered to win an iPad Mini or Six Flags Tickets!   Here is the link:  Wet Ones Sticky Situations Contest

I think I enjoyed going through photos looking for the best one to submit for this contest.  It was super easy to enter once I chose which sticky situation I was going to use.  Go enter and good luck! 

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Wet Ones. I received a promotional item to thank me for participating.  Please visit Mom Central for more information.

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