Thursday, January 3, 2013

Zicam Rapid Melts Cold Remedy

I received samples of Zicam Rapid Melts Cold Remedy as a member of Crowdtap.  They sent me enough to try for myself and to share with friends and family.  They are small white discs, about the size of a nickel.  You simply let them dissolve in your mouth and then don't eat or drink for a short time afterward.  I personally used them and found them to shorten the length of my cold.  I was excited not only to try the Zicam Cold Remedy Rapid Melts, but to share them with others. 
My Aunt works for a homeopathic doctor and has sent me homeopathic remedies for years now. At first I was skeptical, but after using them, I found them to be helpful. I have used them in the past to prevent the flu, treat colds, and for pain management. I even used a homeopathic remedy to ease pain during labor.
I am the proud momma to three children, two of which can take Zicam when they start to feel a cold coming on. They have gotten in the habit of asking me where the Zicam is when they feel their throats get sore. So far they have each gotten over a cold in record time by taking Zicam in the first few days of symptoms. I am sure with school starting back up, they will be using these again this week!
My third child is 2 and I take her with me to the gym nursery when I work out. She typically catches a cold from her friends there and shares it with me every other week. I know exercise is a great way to keep our bodies healthy and avoid colds, but adding Zicam at the first symptoms is extra helpful!  I found that after using Zicam for just two short days of a cold starting, my symptoms disappear.
I also gave out samples to my hubby who has frequent meetings and contact with those he manages. He reluctantly tried them at first, but I insisted when he came home with a headache and sore throat. He is an awesome provider, but a terrible patient! He claims that he would have gotten over his cold within a few days even without the Zicam, but I know better :)
Overall, I think this is a great product that works well. I like how quickly they dissolve, and I am excited to use a product that helps prevent a cold from getting worse instead of just treating symptoms.

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