Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Review: The New Palmolive Fresh Sponge

Here is the box I received from Influenster.  Included was a full size bottle of the new Palmolive Fresh Sponge, a new sponge, an instruction guide, and several coupons to share.   I was given the task to try this product for 2 weeks, look (or smell) for any changes with the sponge, and then give my honest feedback.  Two weeks have come and gone, and I am ready to share my views!

I first noticed the wonderful scent from this product.  I have tried Gain dish soap in the past and found that the overpowering scents would give me a headache.  The scent of the Palmolive Fresh Sponge is light and nice.  It is now flowery nor is it overpowering.  It filled my kitchen with just enough of a clean smell to be noticeable, but not annoying.

I put this detergent through the test.  I cooked a huge turkey dinner and then used the Palmolive Fresh Sponge to see how it cleaned up.  Like all Palmolive products, it did a great job of cutting through the grease and washing away clean without stripping my hands of moisture.  Check out what I had to clean!

The soap lathered up nicely and I found it didn't take a lot to get the results I wanted.  I just bought new cookware from Cuisinart, so my pots and pans clean up easily.  The lids however require more work.  Palmolive was able to clean the glass without leaving spots.

Finally, my dishes were done!  I have continued to use the Palmolive Fresh Sponge and found that it really left my sponge smelling fresh and clean even when I left it wet in the sink.  I still need to microwave the sponge every couple of days to kill the bacteria.  A couple of tips for its use:  After finishing dishes for the night, put a drop of Palmolive Fresh Sponge on the sponge, lather and rinse it well, and at the next use you wont have any stinky sponge problems.  I also filled a bowl with soapy water and used it to clean my glass cooktop.  It works great!

As a note of disclaimer, I received the Ultra Palmolive Fresh Sponge as a complimentary product in return for my review.  I received a full size of the product along with a sponge and Palmolive coupons from Influenster.  Opinions about the use of this product are all my own, and no other compensation is given in return for my honest review.  Go to for more information.

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