Thursday, April 12, 2012

When a Sponge Marries a Dishcloth

My husband and I discussed a lot of things before we got married.  We covered the areas of children, finances, and religion.  One area we failed to cover though was that of doing dishes.  You see I grew up in a family that used sponges for cleanup in the kitchen.  His family used dishcloths. Unfortunately, neither of these choices was ideal, so we were in a constant argument of which cleaning item was better.

The dishcloth doesn't scrub dishes as well as a sponge, and turns a terrible shade of brown after just a few uses.  The upside to the dishcloth though is that it can be laundered.  The washing machine could only do so much good though, and I found using the dishcloth ineffective and ugly.

The sponge sadly had its faults as well.  While it did clean dishes well, it had the tendency to smell like old gym socks after a few days of sitting wet in my sink.  I used this same sponge to wipe down spills, therefore spreading the horrible smell to all surfaces in my kitchen.  I can just imagine the bacteria that I had been spreading.  I did stick the sponge in the dishwasher whenever it ran, but the smell always returned.

Imagine my sheer excitement when my box of Palmolive Fresh Sponge Dish soap showed up at my door.  I do believe we might have found a happy ending to the Sponge and Dishcloth dilemma after all. I have used it for all of one day, so I can't tell you if it will really keep my sponge happy and not stinky.  I can tell you that using it fills my kitchen with a lovely scent.  I hope the days of my sponge and kitchen smelling like dirty gym socks are over.

Where to Buy
The suggested retail price of Palmolive Fresh SpongeTM is $3.29 for a 25oz. bottle. It is available in most grocery stores, and mass retailers like Walmart and Target.  
Palmolive Fresh SpongeTM dishwashing liquid can also be purchased online at

I will update this post in a couple of weeks to let you know how my little test turned out.  Raise those sponges high ladies, I think Palmolive Fresh Sponge could be a mom's favorite product of the year!

As a note of disclaimer, I received the Ultra Palmolive Fresh Sponge as a complimentary product in return for my review.  I received a full size of the product along with a sponge and Palmolive coupons from Influenster.  Opinions about the use of this product are all my own, and no other compensation is given in return for my honest review.  Go to for more information.

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