Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Bad Review - Really?

I love to read blogs.  One thing I have noticed though, is the ones I read tend to follow a trend.  I read a lot by other women - they tend to be like me.  Once thing about us girls, is we love to share a "good thing."  I know I sure do.  Of course, many times there are perks for sharing that good thing, but that is a discussion for another day.

I recently learned about a website called NoMoreRack.com.  It sounds like a cool concept.  Daily at noon EST they have a bunch of things you can buy at deeply discounted prices.  I signed up for their emails and started checking out the deals.  Last week I found something I wanted - a sheet set with a super-high count thread count for $29.  I jumped on it and ordered the set.  Later I looked at my confirmation email and noticed that I ordered the King instead of the Queen.  

Okay, I thought.  I can just send them a quick email to cancel the order.  The next day I get an apology email saying that they cannot cancel a placed order.  Really?  If something hasn't shipped yet, then I should be able to cancel an order, but they do have fine print.  They were within their rights according to their fine print continue my order, and I accept that.  The problem occurred on the next day.

I get another email saying that "We are extremely disappointed to bring you some bad news, unfortunately our supplier was unable to deliver a product that you had ordered."  I thought - well isn't that the luck!  I looked in my PayPal account (how I originally paid) and no refund.  Hmmm.  I gave them a few days and then sent an email to the company wondering what happened to my money.

Just today I got a reply  "We are sorry to hear that you would like to cancel your order but we can go ahead and cancel it for you. This refund was issued as a ready to use in store credit. You may use this credit on any future Nomorerack purchase." Cancel my order?  Did I miss something?  Did they even look into what actually happened?  Now I am getting a little upset.  Does a company have a right to admit they were wrong, cancel an order, and then keep your money for a future purchase option?  I tell you, I have no desire to buy from this company.  In each of my emails they state that customer service is a priority.  However, holding onto my money for another purchase when they made an error is a bit on the shady side.  All I want is my money deposited back into my account for an error that they made.  

I have now contacted PayPal and asked them to look into the issue.  I hate writing bad reviews, but I feel I have to let others know that NoMoreRack.com puts its profits ahead of its customers.

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