Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Homemade Play-Dough

The BEST Play-Dough Recipe

Here is my recipe for really good homemade play-dough.  It is super fun to make with your kids 
and I like it better than the stuff you can get at the store.  If you have never used Cream of Tarter before,
you can buy it with the seasonings at most grocery stores.  I use it to make Snickerdoodles, and it is also
necessary for this play-dough recipe.

Ingredients: 1 C Flour
1 C Water - warmed on the cooktop or micorwave
1/4 C Salt
1 TBSP Vegetable Oil
2 tsp Cream of Tarter
Food Coloring - there are other alternatives such as kool-aid too
Sparkles - if you want to add a little fun
Sauce Pan and Wooden Spoon 

Put all of your ingredients (except coloring) into a big sauce pan 
and put the heat on low.

You don't want clumps, so keep it going

Once it forms a nice clump, remove it from the pan and separate it
so that you can add a little color. 

Choose a few colors for your dough and knead the color into each 
section until the color is distributed.  Your dough just needs some
time to cool and then it is ready for fun!  Make sure you store your
dough in a sealed container.  I have also used double ziploc bags to 
keep it moist.  The dough will be good for multiple play times for
up to 6 months.

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  1. I always have trouble with my homemade playdough molding, but recently a friend told me if you use baby oil instead of cooking oil, that it wont spoil! I am going to try this soon as my 3 year old loves playdough.