Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cravebox: Think Thin Protein Bars

In my February Cravebox I received 2 Think Thin bars.  I ate the Cream Peanut Butter bar yesterday, and oh my was it filling.  This bar has an amazing label - 0g sugar, 20g protein, and gluten free.  I work out often, but still have 15 lbs. of baby weight to lose, and the higher protein diets work better for me than the low fat types.  I do eat these types of nutrition bars often as a replacement for lunch when I am on the go.

I found the Think Thin Creamy Peanut Butter bar to taste very similar to the Atkins Peanut Butter Bar.  It kept me full for hours, but I needed a huge glass of water to wash it down.  I was not a fan of this variety as it was almost too much to take in at one time.  I look forward to trying the other option they sent - Chocolate Dipped with Mixed Nuts.  This bar has less protein at 10g, but I hope to pair it with an orange and green salad for lunch today.  I think it is a better option to use the bar as a protein source along with fresh fruits and vegetables.  I will let you know!

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