Monday, March 5, 2012

My Cravebox

February was the first month for me to receive a Cravebox.  I must say I am SO impressed with Cravebox.  Not only are the products they send amazing, but they also have a great team putting the boxes together and dealing with the multitude of questions from people like me.

I was invited to participate via a Twitter message, and within minutes I was signed up.  A great thing about Cravebox is once you are signed up, the boxes automatically come to you each month.  I signed up, but didn't get a box sent to me with the first group.  I sent a message to the Cravebox people, and they got one in the mail to me right away.  You pay $10 for a box each month, enough to cover shipping for them, and you get a bunch of goodies.  You don't know what will be in the box until it arrives - unless you cheat first and see what others are saying about the boxes on Facebook.  I look forward to reviewing the products each day this week.

Cravebox is still in the Beta phase, and I know it is getting more coveted by its followers each month.  The Twitter Parties are really fun to participate in.  Not only do you get a chance to win great prizes, but you also get great discount codes to use on items that come in your box.  It really is a win-win program.  Companies get to find new customers to fall in love with their products, and we get to share our thoughts on these fun new products - our honest opinions!  Here we go!

Here is what I got - Some great Bic Pens, products by Amore Pacific, Downy Wrinkle Releaser, Think Thin Bars, and Eboost Health Boosters.  I am so excited to try these!

For today, I will talk about the Bic Mark It Pens.  They are Permanent Markers, fine tip, and they come in some really fun colors.  I am thinking I am going to pass these on to my 12-year old daughter.  She loves to draw.  I plan on putting a bow around each one and putting one in her school lunch every day for a week.  I can't wait to see the fun art projects she uses them on.  I might keep one for myself :)

More tomorrow.  Thanks to Cravebox for letting me give my thoughts on the box, and thanks for reading my post.  I am not paid for my reviews and they are my honest thoughts.

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